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After having been training with electrical muscle stimulation for one year, he feels like a new man since then!

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Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a very efficient, intense, and time-saving kind of training. Read all about the new trend in our magazine!

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What kinds of exercises are done during an EMS training session? Watch this video and get to know this innovative training method!

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The latest articles about electrical muscle stimulation

EMS training is a highly effective and intensive whole-body workout that helps you to lose weight.

Megan decided to lose weight and get her old body back in time for her wedding. EMS training helped her a lot. Here is her story!

You are exercising regularly, but your muscles are still not there? Then maybe you're not taking enough breaks. Even if the motivation is very high at the beginning, your body needs sufficient regeneration ...

Many people prefer them to the huge gyms - the micro studios. Read everything about training in a small micro studio and why they are a great chance for you to found your own business.

Painless through EMS training: Willy talks about his ems training experience. He loves EMS and also convinced his wife of this new training method.

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