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Find Your Nearest EMS Personal Trainer!

For the EMS Market!

EMS-TRAINING.COM is the first address for everyone seeking detailed information about electric muscle stimulation training. We are the perfect platform for EMS operators to introduce themselves to the market, their members and potential customers. 

EMS-TRAINING.COM is the biggest specialized online platform for EMS Personal Training. It includes our own online magazine as well as a location finder


ONLINE MAGAZINE: Everything about EMS-Training

You can find a lot of useful and interesting information on the innovative EMS-Training in our magazine. Keep up with the latest trends and news of the EMS industry, hear about training tips as well as expert advice, and read testimonials.

LOCATION FINDER: Find Your EMS Personal Training 

With the help of our location finder, you are able to find the right EMS Provider in your city and make an appointment for a trial training session.