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Find Your Nearest EMS Personal Trainer!

The latest articles about electrical muscle stimulation

Stay fit and healthy into old age. EMS Personal Training has been proven to help maintain quality of life. Effective, easy on the joints and repeatedly proven by studies. All sources in our fact check.

EMS training alone at home? Absolutely not! The technology belongs in specially trained hands. Individual coaching and personal instruction are essential to your training success. Our fact check on this topic.

Simple and effective. Any EMS session should focus on finding the right intensity and correct body tension. Beware of overcomplicated exercises. Our fact check.

Don't feel like going to the gym? No problem! EMS Personal Training is the ideal alternative. And this has even been scientifically studied and proven! Our fact check.

Leave the weights on the rack! Scientific studies have not confirmed any additional training success through the use of weights in EMS training. Find out more in our fact check.

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