Personal Training Gerard Brennan

Personal Training Gerard Brennan
Personal Training Gerard Brennan
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EMS personal training - home service With EMS training you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time. In fact 20 minutes of EMS training is as effective as 3 training sessions of 90 minutes of a general weight work-out according to research results! 

This is what clients say about Personal Training Gerard Brennan

James Armstrong - 08/12/2018
Gerard is professional and friendly,his training methods and nutritional advice excellent, I have achieved great results in training and have a more measured approach to my diet. you leave the studio feeling confident and relaxed looking forward to the next session. I would highly recommend.
John O'Hara - 05/12/2018
Gerard knows his stuff when it comes to exercising and diet. I now have a different outlook with all of his great advice. Thanks very much, glad I bumped into you
Sarah Griffin - 13/11/2018
Very professional and friendly. Felt extremely comfortable, and got great results! Would definietly recommend

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Price per training session: €25.00

10 training sessions: €225.00

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