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Personal Training Gerard Brennan
Personal Training Gerard Brennan
Riverdale 75
W23 W0X2 Leixlip, Ireland
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Yvonne Dolan - 05/10/2022
Very useful course & benefitted a lot from it Thanks Gerard
Siobhan Murray - 04/10/2022
Started EMS training with Gerard to improve my core and my leg strength as the sport I play is all about the legs and found it to great for both. My legs are much stronger and I felt a huge difference after just a few sessions. Really enjoyed the whole process and experience. Gerard was very knowledgeable and interested in our individual needs and limitations and able to work with us in what we wanted to get out of EMS training.
Tamara Somers - 10/09/2022
When everything went into Covid lockdown, so too did my fitness regime. With increasing hours spent hunched over a laptop while working from home, my core became weaker and I started to experience lower back pain. I started to research solutions that would help me build back up my strength quickly and that’s when I discovered Totalbodytec.ie and EMS Training. Gerard Brennan is the personal trainer and he invited me for a trial session which I availed of. After that one session I felt more energetic and so decided to give EMS Training a go and I can honestly say I am impressed with the results. Having completed 12 sessions now I have no more back pain, I have more more energy, and with increased strength I am almost at my pre-Covid fitness level. But there is even an added bonus with the fact that my body has become more toned and defined so my clothes fit better too. To think that this only takes 20 minutes once or twice a week is incredible and it is genuinely effective and backed by scientific evidence. I found Gerard to be a great trainer who personalised the program specifically to my needs and goals. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and kindly shares tips and recommendations. I’m delighted with the results and really happy to be back on my fitness track.
Carmel O'Sullivan - 16/08/2022
I was instantly interested when I first heard about EMS from Gerard as I had been wanting to do something to improve my core strength and tone up. I have a total aversion to gyms and am not motivated enough to take on an exercise programme on my own. The idea of a 20-minute session once or twice a week really appealed to me so I decided to take Gerard up on the offer of a free session to try out EMS. I then signed up for a 10-session course and completed it in about 6 weeks. I felt the benefits of it after the first session, looked forward to coming back for more, and really saw results after about 5 sessions. I definitely felt stronger, my waistline lost a couple of inches and my hip, which has always felt weak and occasionally achy due to an old injury, really improved. Gerard gives personalised, individualised training; the sessions vary each time which keeps it interesting; all areas are targeted with added focus on specifics as required. He is passionate about EMS and works towards achieving your goals. He has given me so many tips to help maintain my fitness at home which take very little effort and time - even I can do it! The flexibility around booking sessions made it very easy to fit it in with my schedule. I'm looking forward to booking another round!
Gerard Dempsey - 26/07/2022
I have nothing but good things to say about my personal training experience with Gerard . His program is designed with individual needs at the forefront and is designed and paced accordingly. He provides great support and his facilities and training manner are excellent . I thoroughly recommend Gerard for anyone wishing to improve their physical health.
Marie Farrelly - 15/06/2022
Very good results
Zara Kelly - 24/05/2022
I’ve been working with Gerard for around a month now and I’m confident to say his EMS training has greatly benefited my fitness journey in numerous ways. Gerard has plenty of useful knowledge to share relating to health with a strong will to help others. He is able to adjust your training programme based on your goals and he’s a strong communicator. I’ve noticed differences within 3 sessions and strongly recommend EMS training to anyone looking for a healthier and more convenient lifestyle.
Patrick Herlihy - 23/05/2022
Ros Stewart - 03/05/2022
Have been working with Ger for the past few weeks & am very pleased with the results. I’m working from home & it’s great that Ger provides a mobile service as I have been able to organise the sessions around my work schedule. I’ve had a nagging sports injury for years and I’ve found the EMS training excellent. I noticed a real difference after 4 sessions & continue to work with Ger in getting better! The exercise plan is simple but very effective and Ger has a wealth of knowledge to share. I would highly recommend this training….not just for assistance with injury but as an all rounder for a different type of exercise with positive results.
Rufina kissane - 28/04/2022
Gerard has worked with me as I recovered from a hamstring injury. I'm delighted with my recovery and feel the EMS training has really helped my strength and training. Its a great program and gerard is very encouraging.
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