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The Perfect Exercise for Seniors & Elders - EMS Personal Training

Health & Fitness

Reducing the Risk of Falling

Among the most frequent accidents among senior citizens is falling. With increasing age and waning muscle strength, the risk of falling increases and the consequences of falls can become more severe. Unfortunately, seniors often lack the strength and balance to “fall correctly” or avoid taking a tumble all together.

Many elderly are simply not physically active enough! Their body fat percentage increases and their muscle mass decreases, a condition known as sarcopenia. When muscles, joints, and bones are not needed, they start to atrophy. Bone density decreases. The tissue becomes brittle. The risk of serious injury increases. In almost every case regular exercise could significantly slow down this cycle or alleviate it altogether.

Unfortunately, elderly people are often limited in their movements and can not perform at their best anymore. The only way to strengthen the muscle though is to give it the necessary exercise. In conventional strength training, it is difficult for most older adults to go above the required threshold to provoke an adequate muscular response. The weight quickly becomes too much for the joints to handle, making pain free physical activity exceedingly laborious. We would like to show a pain-free highly effective alternative that is easy to fit into your schedule.

Phyisically Active Seniors

Staying Physically Active in Old Age

EMS Personal Training is the perfect exercise for older people, especially over 60 and 70. Training with electrical muscle stimulation keeps the blood pressure low and the heart rate steady. For this reason, it allows exercise in spite of minor heart conditions. Of course, we advise you to check-in with your doctor prior to your first session.

It can be adapted to be easy on the joints with simple bodyweight or balance exercises. The movements can be performed to the extent that the user is able to and still be maximally effective because the electrical impulse stimulates the muscle externally. The EMS impulse helps you to go over the threshold mentioned above. This gives the workout the necessary intensity to be beneficial for building and maintaining muscle strength. In theory, you could even work out while sitting in a chair!

At the same time, the metabolism is stimulated because all large muscle groups are activated. This promotes healthy fat loss which can be beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease. EMS-Training also activates the deeper lying muscle tissue, making it great for relieving that pesky back pain, some older adults have been carrying around for decades.

EMS Training for the Elderly

The best part is that you will have a trained fitness professional at your side who supervises your training. He or she will take care of planning your sessions, adapting exercises to your specific needs, keeping an eye on your form, and providing hands-on assistance if needed. Your EMS personal trainer will keep your motivation high. You will naturally develop a fun and engaging exercise routine with all the health benefits of hours of conventional weight training - condensed into a 20-minute personal training session.

What does the Science Say?

Recent studies with men between 65 and 75 years have shown that seniors can effectively counteract age-typical sarcopenia with regular EMS-Training. A reduction of body fat was also documented in the observed test groups. Apart from preventing potentially dangerous falls, gaining muscle strength is incredibly beneficial for overall quality of life. It allows seniors to stay active, to be independent and self-reliant. While staying fit and physically active in old age will, of course, not stop us from aging altogether, the process can be significantly mitigated.

Studies have also shown that there is no age limit to staying active with EMS Personal Training. Both the intensity of the electric impulses and the exercises themselves are highly adaptable to fit all age groups and fitness levels. Indeed, there are some elderly users that are more than 90 years old and still book their regular sessions at the gym or at home.

Before booking a trial session it is advisable to have a consultation with your doctor to rule out any acute conditions that could prevent you from training with EMS. If you want to measure the success of your exercise routine, it is also a good idea to determine parameters with your coach or doctor that you want to monitor. You can track your weight, body fat percentage, range of motion, and flexibility. More importantly, though, you should keep a close watch on how you feel. The goal of EMS-Training is to help you strengthen your muscles, alleviate back pain and improve your overall sense of well being.

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If you have an active electrical implant such as a pacemaker, an EMS-Training is strictly prohibited!

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