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High-Intensity Training Results in Half the Time

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EMS-Training in the UK

There is no doubt about it – EMS-Training is taking off in a major way. And having seen tremendous growth in European countries over the last few years, it’s fair to say that other markets are finally waking up to the benefits of EMS-Training.

To understand this, we wanted to delve deeper into the benefits of EMS-Training for its users and to outline exactly why the success of this training method is set to accelerate in the UK, even against the backdrop of Covid-19.

If you’re not familiar with EMS-Training.….here’s what you need to know. EMS is a scientifically proven full body training method that uses electrical currents to contract the muscles without putting any strain on the joints. Wearing a specially designed suit, through which the current passes, users perform a series of exercises to voluntarily contract the muscles at the same time as the impulse giving much greater benefits. Users benefit from a near total muscle contraction, activating slow and fast twitch fibres simultaneously for a massive muscular workout. Each muscle group is controlled individually by adjusting settings on an EMS device making each session completely bespoke to each client. All sessions are just 20 minutes and led by a certified EMS personal trainer.

Whole-body EMS is low impact. It uses simple bodyweight exercises without the need to jump up and down or make fast movements. This is because the technology does much of the work for you. You can still get an intense, full-body workout without any concern that a session will awaken an old sports injury or cause a client to pull a muscle.

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Train Harder and Smarter

So let’s start with the basics – why EMS-Training? Why are physically active individuals, regardless as to their actual fitness level, trading in weight training sessions at the gym for an EMS session? It would be prudent to start with the issue of time – that precious commodity that so many of us cite as being a reason why we’re not able to work out in the way that we might usually want to. People are constantly looking for more efficient ways to get fit quickly or condense an effective workout into a shorter time period, and that’s one of the reasons why conventional High-Intensity Training (HIT) continues to gain in popularity as one of the fastest, most effective ways to build muscle and get in shape quickly.

But what if you could achieve HIT training results even faster and without the potentially dangerous impact on your joints? Enter miha bodytec: a whole-body EMS (WB-EMS) training system made in Germany.

miha bodytec created their WB-EMS system in 2007 and designed it to stimulate all major muscle groups at the same time, condensing a two-hour free weight gym session into an ultra-efficient 20-minute workout. The kit is designed to be worn while a person performs some basic exercises at the same time as the stimulation. This combination creates 40% increased activation with a voluntary contraction at the same time as the electrical impulse. The products are synonymous with the hallmarks of German manufacturing: build quality, durability and reliability, making them the market leader in EMS-Training technology.

Once people try it, they are immediately hooked on this time-efficient workout that provides HIT results in half the time. There’s no doubt that HIT Training exercise programs certainly have their benefits, but studies show that whole-body EMS (WB-EMS) workouts, using technology like the miha bodytec system are just as effective, and they require far less time to reach the same results.

Traditional HIT workouts are called “high intensity” for a reason. The exercises are often demanding, high-impact, and can put a lot of strain on the body. Many people experience significant pain in their joints, tendons, and muscles after HIT training, especially if they have an existing injury or medical issue. Although HIT workouts are often designed to appeal to the masses, the demanding nature of HIT often makes this form of intense exercise inaccessible to older or deconditioned people. So it begs the question, why then would you commit to multiple HIT classes a week when you could trade them in for one session of EMS for the same results?

The Advantages of EMS Personal Training

EMS is much lauded due to its efficiency and effectiveness, and not forgetting the science that underpins the whole process. Put simply, you’ll achieve your goals much faster with EMS. So whether you exercise to burn fat, improve muscle definition, tone up, or perhaps something longer term such as improving your health and overall quality of life, you only need 20 minutes with EMS.

Numerous scientific research papers show that training with an EMS stimulus increases the percentage of muscles stimulated, and the velocity at which they are stimulated, thus improving strength and tone. It also shows a reduction in lower back pain, increased lean mass, and reduced joint pain. It’s an efficient way to help clients achieve their goals faster. The extra stimulation creates stronger, more intense muscle contractions than conventional training, making EMS much more effective in developing strength, stamina, and improving body shape.

It’s also important to recognise the experience users will have with EMS. Our dedicated studios and PTs work hard to create a fitness environment that is safe, welcoming and enjoyable. It’s a world away from sweaty gyms with blaring music that can be so unappealing for some. Sessions are run in a bespoke, personalised training environment, so the whole experience is far less intimidating and considerably more enjoyable.

Many EMS trainers are mobile, so they can train clients directly into the homes of the users. Because the sessions are low impact, many people sweat very little and are able to change quickly and get straight back to business after a workout if that’s necessary. This gives time back to both the client and the trainer and is especially good for people with hectic lives.

Another really important point is that EMS is also for everyone. The key is in understanding the needs of each member. Whether it be weight loss and body fat reduction, or elite sports performance, EMS has a place in everyone’s training plan. It can be used as a standalone workout or incorporated into a weekly programme. Athletes or regular gym users will get numerous benefits from EMS-Training alongside other forms of fitness.

And finally, given the current climate, it’s important to acknowledge how in a post-Covid world, EMS-Training provides a level of safety unrivaled by other workouts. Depending on a person’s circumstances, our PT’s can deliver a class in a gym, or in the safety of their own home. Each class has a maximum of 3 people which reduces the risk of virus transmission. Everything is scheduled ahead of time so there are no waiting times or queues to navigate. What’s more, the exercises require minimum cardiovascular load so there’s no heavy breathing. It’s hygienic too - all the equipment is thoroughly disinfected in between sessions.

There’s no denying it, EMS-Training is here to stay. The benefits of EMS for the user are irrefutable, and in a market that has been forced to diversify against the backdrop of a global pandemic, EMS-Training may well provide the catalyst for a real step-change. Watch this space!

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