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ION BODY Leeds East EMS Personal Training
ION BODY Leeds East EMS Personal Training
Aberford Road 42
LS25 2EA Leeds, United Kingdom
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James Myers - 15/04/2024
I’ve been training at ION Body for well over a year now and I love it. You really do feel as though you’ve done a round in the gym after just 20 minutes. I have visibly toned as well as increasing my core strength and my general strength. I have had the pleasure of being trained by everyone in the ION team now and they have all been professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend to anyone wishing to improve their general fitness (body and mind) as well as those who have specific injuries who require a recovery programme (I occasionally experience lower back pain and the exercises really cured the pain).
alshimaa darwish - 13/04/2024
I was quite skeptical to begin with , the idea of a 20 min session being as effective as it has been advertised sounded too good to be true . However 4 weeks down the line I felt my mood has improved , my body was toning up , my Lumbosacral pain was easing off , all in all I felt EMS ticked all the required boxes and then some . Furthermore the idea of weekly body scan encouraged me to improve my eating habits, daily activities and improve my lifestyle ;knowing that the results will be measured precisely and in detail not just my weight but my hydration levels , my protein consumption and muscle Vs fat composition was a great incentive . Having a great team at Ion Body EMS Personal Training was the cherry on top as all staff members were friendly , supportive , very professional and went above and beyond to fit book me slots that worked around my busy and chaotic working schedule .
Andy Simpson - 26/03/2024
I’m now half way through my first series of sessions and am very impressed. I can really feel my body getting a full workout during the 20 minute sessions, which is perfect as I haven’t time for long stints in the gym. I do have a sense that my overall strength is increasing and that some little niggles are improving. I’d highly recommend giving it a try.
Darrell Rushforth - 26/03/2024
Having trained for a number of years I can honestly say this has changed the way I approach training and has been revolutionary in getting my goals back on track. The trainers are knowledgeable and take the time to walk you through the process ensuring you get the best results. I would recommend ION if you’re looking for trained professionals who can give you some real motivation to improve your body goals.
Sam D - 18/01/2024
I joined Ion Body in 2021 and have been training ever since. My weight, BMI and body fat have decreased significantly and my strength and posture have increased making such an improvement to my life. Alongside this, my workouts boost my mood and it’s a great start to my day. It’s a lovely friendly environment with 1:1 support & advice from your trainer. I highly recommend booking a trial!
Catherine East - 14/10/2023
I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back & running down my leg. Had a couple of TENS sessions with Sam at ION Body EMS & the impact was amazing. I felt immediate relief & was back to functioning normally much quicker than initially anticipated. Sam & others in the EMS team were very welcoming & supportive throughout the sessions. Would recommend to anyone who is struggling with back pain to give it a go. Thanks to Sam & the whole team.
Douha - 10/10/2023
Brilliant ! I just feel its the right ems training! Im now doing this kind of training somewhere else for 3 months but it feels great to train with ION Samantha is great helpful and motivating Studio is super clean and cozy
Joseph - 02/10/2023
Worked with Ion Body, and couldn't recommend them enough. The team is fantastic, and I feel great. Thanks guys
Neil McAndrews - 03/08/2023
Great way to get the body in better shape.
Judith Fox - 02/08/2023
I have been doing EMS training for some time now and highly recommend this workout programme. Not only is it just 20 minutes a week you also have a personnel trainer to tailor the programmes to suit your needs and support you through the sessions. The results also speak for themselves I have lost weight, toned up , gained muscle strength and changed my body shape. I would definitely recommend this.
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