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ION BODY Leeds East EMS Personal Training
ION BODY Leeds East EMS Personal Training
LEEDS Aberford Road 42
LS25 2EA Leeds, United Kingdom
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Neil McAndrews - 03/08/2023
Great way to get the body in better shape.
Judith Fox - 02/08/2023
I have been doing EMS training for some time now and highly recommend this workout programme. Not only is it just 20 minutes a week you also have a personnel trainer to tailor the programmes to suit your needs and support you through the sessions. The results also speak for themselves I have lost weight, toned up , gained muscle strength and changed my body shape. I would definitely recommend this.
Jess - 30/07/2023
I have been coming here since March and I cannot thank everyone at ion body enough for helping me with my weight loss journey. I am 10kg lighter and I am amazed each day with the changes my body has made! Everyone at ion body is extremely friendly which makes each session enjoyable
Karen - 24/07/2023
It’s 20mins a week which is easy to fit into a busy schedule - gives you more energy and you know you have had a work out
Jemima Keene - 21/07/2023
I have just had my 4th EMS session with ION body. I’d never tried this type of training before, and was keen to give it a whirl. Thoroughly happy with the results so far! I feel stronger and more toned already and it’s a perfect addition to my weekly cardio routine for building muscle strength. The shirt session fits in perfectly with my hectic schedule. My trainer Martin has been fab. Helpful, supportive in my goals, and very knowledgeable in health and well-being. Strongly recommend!
Richard Cressall - 23/06/2023
I have been going to Ion Body since it opened and it has really changed things for me. The body scan results make it so easy to track what you’re doing and all of the trainers are so friendly and knowledgeable. Even after doing it for so long I still can’t believe it takes less than 30 minutes. I would recommend giving it a try!
Kevin Boyes - 21/06/2023
ION Body EMS is a fantastic full body workout that has helped me achieve great results. The ION boy team are very professional, they explain each exercise as well as explaining the science behind the EMS machine. A fantastic trading method for all abilities.
Emma Greenwood - 20/06/2023
Martin, Sam and all the team at ION in Garforth are fantastic. So dedicated and focused in supporting you and getting results. For someone who can't do impact training, ION is perfect and the team make sure they tailor the workouts to me and my body to get the most from the sessions. Can't recommend them highly enough :-)
Dean Sanderson - 18/06/2023
Does it work ? Most definitely. 6 weeks in and definitely lost eight and toned and defined compared to when I started. Mixed with a better diet and additional light exercise it’s made me feel better all round. Would highly recommend.
Russell Donnelly - 19/04/2023
As a 54-year-old with a previous back injury, I have found ION BODY EMS sessions incredibly beneficial for my overall fitness and well-being. The attentive and knowledgeable trainers at ION BODY have provided modifications and adjustments to suit my needs, making me feel safe and supported throughout the sessions. The low-impact nature of EMS has improved my strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and posture, while minimizing strain on my back. The convenience of time-efficient workouts with electrical muscle stimulation has allowed me to fit exercise into my busy schedule without compromising results. I am extremely satisfied with my experience at ION BODY EMS sessions, as the professional trainers and effective workouts have noticeably improved my fitness level and well-being. I highly recommend ION BODY EMS sessions to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, especially those with previous injuries or concerns. It's been a game-changer for me, and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with ION BODY.
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Opening hours
Training sessions by appointment only

Price per training session: £25.00

LIMITED EMS TRIAL £25.00: 1 months for £0.00/month

SINGLE EMS Session £50.00 FLEXIBLE: 1 months for £0.00/month

INTRODUCTION 3 EMS Sessions £35.00 LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 1 months for £0.00/month

GET STARTED 6 EMS Sessions £33.50 MOST POPULAR: 1 months for £0.00/month

LIFESTYLE 12 EMS Sessions £29.50 BEST VALUE: 1 months for £0.00/month

LIFESTYLE plus+ 26 EMS Sessions £25.50 WEEKLY COMMITMENT: 1 months for £0.00/month

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