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Lindsey, 41, from London has been EMS Training at Surge in Hammersmith, UK for more than a year.

"Before having my two children, who are now four and six, I was a long-distance runner. I trained for and ran marathons and did BodyPump classes to tone. That was my way to stay in shape and it worked. But I had to do three BodyPump classes a week, plus my running, to see any results. It took time.

Time I didn’t have when I became a mum. I breastfed both my children for two years and I struggled with post-pregnancy hormone weight gain, which I just couldn’t shift. I had no energy and just felt so blah; my body had taken such a hit. None of my work clothes fit and going back into the corporate world felt so intimidating. I guess you could say I’d lost my mojo.

Before the pandemic I commuted into central London daily; I work full time in the tech space. My husband is at work all day too, so I had literally no time to exercise. I couldn’t face going to the gym when he got home at 8pm and I’m so not a 5.30am workout person.

Surge is on my local high street and I kept walking past, wondering what it was. One day I decided to just call in, I went for a trial and that was it, I was hooked.

EMS Training was a very powerful experience for me right from the beginning. I noticed a tremendous change in the first few weeks. It gave me hope that I could maybe get my old body back after five years dedicated to pregnancy and breastfeeding, that I wasn’t going to be stuck like an old chubby mum!

EMS helped me get my groove back and gave me hope that I could feel good again. I’ve seen a tremendous change in my posture, strength, and muscle tone. It’s expensive but the benefits are beyond worth it.

For me the biggest pull is how it fits with my lifestyle; the time I have to spend working out versus the results. Even with my previous running and BodyPump schedule, I plateaued and then nothing changed no matter how hard I worked. This is a fast, full, and deep workout that it’s impossible to get anywhere else. Just 20 minutes once a week and I’m done. And the results keep coming!

My trainer can focus on certain areas and really fine-tune the workout to target problem areas and we always get cardio in. I leave shattered but charged up with endorphins and in such a good mood. It’s 100% changed my life."

Do you want to find out what changed Lindsey's life?

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Source: Surge Fitness

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