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that girl London - EMS Concierge Service

that girl London - EMS Concierge Service
that girl London - EMS Concierge Service
NW3 3DR London, United Kingdom
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Home & Office Visits EMS Personal Training (1:1) EMS Partner Training (1:2) Home training luxury 5 star hotel

that girl London - EMS Concierge Service


Welcome to EMS training  the worlds most innovative  time efficient workout  in  just 20 minutes

EMS stands for Electrical muscle stimulation, a scientifically proven technology

originally developed to advance rehabilitation alongside optimising  muscular performance and strength. Today EMS offers an intelligent training methodology to support and enhance your  journey to a stronger, fitter, more functional and leaner body.

How it work:

An EMS workout involves the same functional movements you see in traditional exercise but the difference is the addition of electrical stimulation to recruit 90% of your muscle fibres. At 85 muscle contractions per second, you get a larger training stimulus  without putting pressure on your joints. It’s not cheating - its just more efficient.

The Benefits

 • Improves body composition & muscular strength

 • Increased muscle definition  

 • Strengthens the core and abdominals 

 • Improves posture

 • Helps alleviate  back pain

 • Does not put stress on the joints 

 • Activates all the major muscle groups simultaneously

 • Targets fast twitch muscle fibres Improving athletic performance

 • Effective tool for rehab & prehab protocols .



As with all exercise, the speed of your results depends on what your training goals are.  Improvements in back pain are usually felt within 2-4 sessions. 

Aesthetic and muscular strength improvements are noticeable between 6

-10 sessions as with sport performance. 


  At Home 

Bringing Miha Bodytec to the  comfort of your own home providing one -to-one training.

if you would like to invite friends or family each session is still individual but discounts will

be given .

You can also find me as resident trainer at:


I’ve never seen faster results on my body like this before! After doing just a couple of sessions friends and family noticed an instant result , such a life changing workout  that i would recommend to everyone !


I am looking forward to training with you!

This is what clients say about that girl London - EMS Concierge Service

Chrissie - 07/07/2023
I was not at all convinced about EMS especially coming from a world of sport and exercise . On contacting christina she told me she was exactly the same as me but after reading the research and working with EMS she is now a firm believer in its benefits . I have to say - she is right . What I really loved is how she completely personalises sessions to my needs and injuries . My husband, also mid fifties started with her a few months ago and she's transformed not only his body but his attitude to health and his fitness for midlife and beyond . Now of course all his friends are trying to book her ! She's a total gem and really cares about what she does and who she works with . All world of mouth as well and knowing a little about her client list I feel very lucky to have her - we both do .
Sarah - 24/02/2023
Just amazing! Professional, fun and gets results - there’s no one else I’d go to
Vanda - 10/02/2023
I tried EMS because it was recommended to me by someone who had an amazing body transformation in a fairly short time. Never had a nicer bum, my partner commented on the changes after 2 sessions!! Always a plus to get feedback. ???? It is a great workout, good chats and a very nice experience! Thank you! x

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