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ION BODY Leeds Centre EMS Personal Training

ION BODY Leeds Centre EMS Personal Training
ION BODY Leeds Centre EMS Personal Training
Park Place 12
LS12RU Leeds, United Kingdom
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We offer:

Home & Office Visits EMS Personal Training (1:1) EMS Partner Training (1:2) Back Strengthening Combat Age-Related Muscle Loss Improve Mental Health & Well-Being

ION BODY EMS  Leeds Centre Personal Training 

Enhancing longevity and quality of life through electro muscle stimulation (EMS). Combat age related muscle loss increase Strength and improve mental health and well-being.

ION BODY EMS Personal Training  TRIAL £25.00

  • Introduction to Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training
  • EMS Personal Training 1 to 1 session
  • Includes specialised base layer loan.

ION BODY EMS Personal Training Programmes (Prices from 29.50 per session).

EMS Foundation Course

Six weekly EMS sessions designed to equipped new clients with essential knowledge and skills for optimal training results.

Recovery & Resilience

Strengthen your mind and body with Electro Muscle Stimulation. Energise endorphins and feel great. 

Change Shape & Tone Up

Kick-start your body with Electro Muscle Stimulation. Boost metabolism and turbocharge your results.

Longevity & Women's Wellness

Improve health and wellness with Electro Muscle Stimulation enhance your quality of life and defy the ageing process.

Workplace Wellness

Boost productivity, enhance employees' mental health, & strengthen backs with Electro Muscle Stimulation.

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Training sessions by appointment only