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Frequency Wellness

Frequency Wellness
Frequency Wellness
London Street 97
RG1 4QA Reading, United Kingdom
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Karl Jack

Karl Jack

Karl, owner and head trainer at Frequency wellness has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 15 years so brings a wealth of experience both to the business and to individual sessions.  

He started  his fitness career in London but has worked in many countries  including France and  the UAE, having spent many years in the later recently. 

He's passionate and enthusiastic about health  and approaches wellness from  a 360 point of view and understands that health and wellbeing is more than just the physical but also the mental and that the two are entwined, one can not be achieved without the other.

You will find sessions with Karl fun,  testing but most of all results driven and topped off with his own unique style acquired over the years  of training many types of people with differing goals.

He has been an EMS professional for over 4 years, having started off as an EMS trainer in one of the biggest EMS companies in Dubai, therefore is fully qualified and very knowledgeable about EMS fitness.

So pop over to Frequency Wellness and say hello;-) 

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Price per training session: £40.00