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Feel Electric Raynes Park

Feel Electric Raynes Park
Feel Electric Raynes Park
Coombe Lane 18
SW208N London, United Kingdom

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Transform your health journey or boost your workout results with our holistic approach to Health, offering Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Medical Graded Full Body Health Assessments, and Nutritional guidance.

Just 20 minutes of Electro Muscle Stimulation is equivalent to two hours of High Intensity Interval Training. 

Providing numerous benefits including relief from back pain and menopause symptoms, increasing strength, weight loss and muscle definition. We currently have 6 Feel Electric studios open across the North and many more planned for around the UK. 

Our Harrogate studio comprises of a workout studio, changing rooms, toilet and shower facilities, and a Full Body Health scan consultation area. We are located on Leeds Road with Free parking at the front and are easily accessible by public transport. 

  • Just one 20-minute session per week
  • Always led by a Personal Trainer
  • Expert Nutritional Guidance 
  • Personal Nutritional Tracker
  • Low impact workouts suitable for all abilities and ages
  • Activates 98% of muscle fibres
  • Delivers a full body workout
  • Weight Loss programmes
  • Relieves back pain
  • Helps combat and relieve menopause symptoms
  • Programmes to support increased mobility through muscle regeneration
  • Scientifically proven results
  • 85% more effective than conventional training
  • One EMS session is equal to a 2-hour HIIT workout
  • Medical graded Full Body Health scan at every studio

Website: Feel-Electric.com

Instagram @feelelectricems

Facebook: @feelelectricems

Youtube: FeelElectricEMS

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