EMS Personal Training Sussex

EMS Personal Training Sussex
EMS Personal Training Sussex
Rocky Drive .
RH16 4WQ West Sussex
United Kingdom

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EMS - Electro-muscular stimulation

EMS involves the use of impulse currents (i.e. an electrochemical transmission of a signal along a nerve fibre that produces an excitatory or inhibitory response in a target tissue – in this case muscle tissue.)  It is more effective than conventional training as it activates each individual muscle group by up to 95% for each contraction. In addition, the muscle contractions are stronger and more intense than a voluntary muscle contraction alone, hence compared to conventional training a higher number of muscle fibres are activated leading to better muscular conditioning. It provides a total body workout for all muscle groups simultaneously in just 20 minutes - which is the equivalent to 1.5 hours of conventional weight training!

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Matt Richardson - 12/09/2018
Fantastic PT and a great alternative to conventional gyms. Offers tailored routines to suit your goals and abilities. Brilliant challenges, support and encouragement along the way.
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