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EddCourt PTI
EddCourt PTI
Towerfield Close 4
SS3 9QP Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
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Laura Crow - 09/11/2023
I used to hate exercise but have happily been seeing Edd for several years now. It took me a while to be convinced by EMS, I persevered because it was only twenty minutes a session!!! However in recent weeks I have really started to feel the benefits and appreciate how effective EMS is as an all round turbo charged low intensity exercise option.
Pam b - 03/08/2023
I see Edd twice a week for EMS training. Edd is a consummate professional, up-to-date on nutrition and new training techniques. His is always upbeat. I have EMS to help with my crippling anxiety and stress levels. What EMS has done for me, helps me get a good night sleep, relaxation and seemed to calm my brain down from the anxiety. Also, build muscle, that’s acceptable for a woman. Would highly recommend Edd to anybody, whatever the level they wishing to train at. Pam
Louise - 14/04/2023
Extremely professional I would highly recommend ???? Edd is really thorough and helps you with your individual needs. I feel comfortable and he pushes me to my potential and is extremely encouraging, however is understanding if you struggle a little. I love the nutrition app support and continuous encouraging. Recommend and well deserved 5 stars.
Vic - 13/04/2023
The new EMS training is a great addition to my sessions, it takes some getting used to but I can definitely feel the affects.
Maisha ahmed - 13/04/2023
Ed makes you feel so comfortable and educates you in the benefits of EMS training. Feel like I’m achieving a lot in a short time
Julie - 12/04/2023
Edd is just an amazing trainer, puts you through your paces but there is no pain without gain. Helpful friendly Iwould highly recommend Edd to anyone that either wants to get extremely fit or just to time up whatever body shape you are. Edd Will happily help with dietary needs as well as the PT side of training.
helena - 11/04/2023
At 47yrs old I ve been training with PTs for a long time and when my last one moved away I came to Ed via a recomendation and now would never go anywhere else. As a working mother of 4 time is precious. EMS is an excellent way of fitting training into my hectic life and it is also a brilliant way of getting a full body work out tailored to my needs even when I have an injury. With EMS Ed has been able to help me maintain my all round fitness while I recovered from multiple minor injuries, ie sprained ankle. I fully recommend Ed and EMS training.
matthew hart - 11/04/2023
I’ve been training with Edd for nearly 5 years And would never go anywhere else EMS training is now part of my workout. Louise is the rehabilitation side to my training Her sports massage therapy helps my recovery and Louise will soon be my EMS trainer
Jack - 11/04/2023
I have trained with Edd for just over a year and always found the sessions both challenging and enjoyable. I now have 2 sessions a week with one being an EMS session. I find this is a good balance with my main traditional session covering a good mix of all aspects of strength and conditioning and the EMS session although intense is less strenuous on the joints but I still feel I have worked hard after.
Emma - 10/04/2023
Since I first started with Edd, he has made me feel completely at ease and encouraged me. The mixture of 1:1 and EMS works really well and Edd has always taken the time to explain everything to me and keep me on track. The EMS is also great when I haven’t got much time..
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10 training sessions: £300.00

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