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Prevent Herniated Disc with EMS

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Broken discs are a common cause of back pain. The intervertebral disc acts like a shock absorber in the back. It can become brittle and cracked over time. Targeted strength training for the back can reduce the risk of a herniated disc. A suitable form of training is EMS training!

Herniated disc

What is a Herniated Disc?

Like shock absorbers, the intervertebral discs lie as a cushioning buffer between the individual vertebrae in the back. Without them, the vertebral bones would rub against each other directly. In a herniated disc, part of the soft core inside the disc breaks through the outer fibrous ring. The intervertebral discs deform, change their position and press on the nerves coming from the spinal cord. This triggers the pain. 

Preventing a Herniated Disc: EMS Training Can Help!

During EMS training, the muscles receive an improved muscle tone because of the permanent alternation between impulse and impulse pause. Inflamed ligaments are thus relieved and can calm down again due to the increasing muscular stability. This also prevents tension. The compressed spaces between the vertebrae enlarge again and are optimally supplied with nutrients. With EMS, herniated discs can be counteracted preventively.

EMS training does not only address the surface back muscles, but also the autochthonous back muscles that are difficult to train and are necessary for the stability of the back. Even the smallest muscle can thus be captured by the impulses, activated and sensibly adjusted to its individual optimum strength. Existing imbalances are balanced, the symmetry of the body is restored.

EMS training is therefore back-friendly: instead of putting the joints under additional pressure, the back is already relieved during the training, whereby EMS-Training can prevent a herniated disc.   

Prevent herniated disc with EMS

Do something for your health and prevent a herniated disc as well as general back problems with EMS training! Here you can find an EMS studio near you in just a few clicks!

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