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More Muscles through EMS Training

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Electrical muscle stimulation is a training method that can support a wide variety of training goals. It not only helps to lose weight and visibly tighten the skin, but also fights back pain and muscular imbalances. And EMS also supports muscle building! How exactly, you will learn in the following! 

Fast Muscle Building with EMS 

Compared to conventional strength training with weights, EMS very strongly addresses the fast muscle fibers right from the start. Through the electrical stimulation of muscles that are difficult to reach and deep lying as well as the effects on the whole body, muscle building can take place particularly quickly and effectively.

For our body the intensity of the training is many times higher than with normal training with weights. Therefore, 20 minutes of EMS per week are sufficient to achieve the desired training results. EMS training is as intensive as several hours of traditional strength training. The increases in muscle mass and in maximum strength are often noticeable after just a few training sessions. So, one of the biggest advantages of electrical muscle stimulation is the fast and effective muscle building.

More Muscles through EMS Training

Try it Out! 

You see, to build muscles, you don't necessarily need heavy dumbbells and weights – with EMS you can do it without. Try it out for yourself! You can find a studio near you on EMS-TRAINING.com! 

Look here for a trial session or use our studio finder!

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