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Is EMS Training Expensive?


Electrical muscle stimulation is becoming more and more popular, the market is constantly growing. Many interested people ask themselves whether EMS training is associated with high costs. In fact, the new trend sport is not quite cheap, especially in comparison to many fitness studios, where you can train for 20 € per month. 

Comparison of Costs for EMS Training and Gyms

Costs for EMS Training

Normally, there is a membership in an EMS studio for about 80 ‒ 100 € per month. The costs for EMS training in most studios are about 20 € per training session. Depending on the provider and services, the EMS training prices may vary. Some studios charge per session, others offer monthly subscriptions. When subscribing, the customer usually has training once or twice a week.

The longer the duration of the subscription, the cheaper the individual training sessions will be at many studios. Often there are also tickets of 10 training sessions, which the customer can have stamped bit by bit. Almost all studios offer trial sessions in advance, many even free of charge.

Costs for Gyms 

The prices for gyms must be differentiated. In “discount” studios such as McFit, a membership costs between 10 and 25 € per month. However, there is a lack of support from competent trainers, and fitness courses are often only held on the basis of videos. In middle class studios you get a membership for 25 to 60 € per month and in the luxury class studios costs start at 60 €. However, here you receive a very good individual support by trained coaches.

Is EMS Training Expensive?

Are Higher Costs for EMS Training Justified?

We say yes! The customer is personally supervised by a trainer during the entire EMS training session. The personal trainer shows you the exercises and corrects the posture. The higher prices for EMS training are also justified by an individual initial interview, the documentation of the performance progress, the creation of a training plan, the detailed consultation and other additional services that some conventional fitness studios do not offer.

In addition, EMS is more efficient and effective than traditional fitness training, as 20 minutes per week are enough to achieve visible results. EMS helps to reduce fat, build muscles and fight back pain, cellulite and urinary incontinence.

→ For the higher prices of EMS Training you also get more benefits. So the price-performance ratio of EMS is very good.

Via our studio finder you can compare EMS studios and their services with each other and find the right provider for you!

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