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How to Lose 48 Kilos … Experience of a 16-Year-Old

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"It was obvious that I was eating too much!”

That’s what a 15-year-old Marc says when talking about the times when he desperately tried to lose weight. He has been in health resorts for three times, always trying to fight his overweight – for nothing. “ I have always lost weight when taking a cure. But it didn’t last very long. A few weeks later, I have always gained weight again.”

EMS training - Experience of a 16-Year-Old

Marc’s parents didn’t know what to do, and finally addressed to an EMS studio. Since Marc was very young, he was supervised by the doctor the studio cooperates with, just to play safe.

"I have never thought EMS training could be so exhausting! One time I do cardio, the other time strength training. It was very hard for me at the beginning because I am very shy with people I don’t really know. But now I get along with the girls very well and feel comfortable.," Marc tells. He has been working out twice a week since July 2016. 

Marc has done a metabolic cure for 21 days to detox his body which helps to lose weight. He accepted the challenge and managed to persevere this metabolic cure. “It was difficult for me to get through this cure. At the beginning, I never thought I could handle this, but I soon realised I can do that. And I have never been starving, actually!”

XL becomes M!

When starting with EMS training, Marc’s goal was to lose weight. At the beginning (at the age of 15), he weighed 130 kilos (287 lb), at a height of 1.70 metres (5″7). Marc managed to lose more than 48 kilos (105 lb) in 7 months through EMS training! And he was able to maintain his muscle mass and stay fit.

“I never thought I would lose so much weight through EMS training, and so quickly! I had shirts in XL, now I have M! Nobody bullies me at school anymore because of my weight. I can do much more things and just feel comfortable now!”

Since changing his nutrition with the help of the EMS trainers and his parents, he feels much better and has gotten a feeling for the topic “nutrition”. “I don’t eat white bread anymore,” Marc says. He also goes without pork, but eats more beef and chicken now. But one day a week he is allowed to eat everything he wants, so that he doesn’t have a ravenous appetite.

“My new goal is to reach 70 kilos (154 lb),” he tells. We are very sure you will manage that, Marc!

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