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EMS Training for Two: Why It Makes Sense and What the Personal Trainer Should Pay Attention To!

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You can’t motivate yourself to exercise regularly? We can relieve your mind: the same goes for millions of other people because our weaker self is not so easy to overcome. But wouldn’t it be easier for us to pick ourselves up together with our best friend than alone? It’s easier to do sports as a pair and it’s also good for EMS studios to train two or more people at the same time! But for trainers there are a few things to keep in mind!

EMS Training for Two

Why Train with a Partner? 

Since EMS training is becoming increasingly popular and the demand is growing more and more, many studios already use more than one device at the same time for training. One personal trainer is therefore responsible for two customers at the same time. The EMS devices can be coupled together so that both training persons can perform the exercises in the same rhythm. An advantage for the studio operator: he achieves a higher utilisation of his equipment and also has lower personnel costs. The customer also benefits because he doesn’t have to sweat alone and saves money. If you do your training together with someone, you might find a partner with whom you would like to train all the time because you harmonise well. Or you can sign up with your girlfriend, boyfriend or buddy because it’s easier to get motivated for sports with two people than alone.

A further advantage of a two-person training is that the two training persons can perform the movements together in some exercises and give each other support or resistance. For example, in a “one-leg stand”, one hand can be pressed against the other’s hand, making the exercise even more challenging and effective (see photo below). 

EMS Training for Two

What to Do at Different Performance Levels?

But a training for two also has disadvantages: if you have not chosen or brought your training partner yourself, but only get to know him in the studio, you can be demotivated if you are too much or too little challenged compared to the other. When two or more people train together, they usually have different performance levels and often training goals that are difficult to reconcile. It is then the trainer’s task to respond to the different needs of the training persons and to provide a training that is motivating and challenging for all participants. Nobody should be frustrated if they cannot perform a movement and their partner can.

Often the trainer decides for the “golden mean” and challenges all participants according to their average performance level. Thus, all participants complete the same exercise, which makes course planning extremely easy for the trainer. This is best done with static training or with exercises that are less complex and performed slowly, such as biceps curls. Here the trainer hardly has to correct anything, but can entirely concentrate on motivating and guiding the customers.

However, this has the disadvantage that it only works optimally if the participants have a similar level of performance. As this is rarely the case, the weaker training persons may be overtaxed and the stronger ones underchallenged if the trainer follows the average. This problem can be solved by giving each participant a kind of extra task in the exercises: for example, in the exercise “squat” one of the customers can perform normal squats, the other one deep squats and a very advanced participant one-legged squats (see photo below). Thus, all participants do the same exercise, but with individual additional tasks according to their personal performance level.

EMS Training for Two

So grab your best friend and find an EMS studio right away! Because together sport is twice as much fun and as you can see, you can only profit from it!

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Photos: GluckerKolleg

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