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EMS: Help for the Heart

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One of the many scientific studies on the subject of EMS training specifically addresses the question of how EMS affects people with cardiac insufficiency and whether this training is suitable as a form of therapy.

What Is Cardiac Insufficiency?

Cardiac insufficiency affects people whose heart is unable to pump the amount of blood the body needs. The lack of the pumping function can lead to backwater and water retention in the body. This can also cause shortness of breath. In order to counteract these symptoms, a moderate endurance training has already proven effective in tests. 

Help for the Heart

The Study

The study entitled “Electromyostimulation (EMS) in Cardiac Patients. Will EMS Training Be Helpful in Secondary Prevention?” was conducted by leading experts from the Bad Oeynhausen Heart Clinic. 

The study should specifically consider the heart during EMS training as well as record and evaluate physical changes in various areas. The aim was to test whether electrical muscle stimulation was suitable for cardiac insufficiency therapy.

15 patients with cardiac insufficiency were tested over a six-month period for various factors including heart performance, metabolism, weight and body fat distribution.

The Results  

The results speak for themselves:

The comparisons of the test results before, during and after the study period showed an increase of up to 96 % in oxygen uptake under the highest possible stress intensity. 

In addition, the lower blood pressure value could be greatly reduced

The EMS training also had a positive effect on the muscles: a muscle increase of up to 14 % at constant weight could be measured in the patients.

There were no dropouts during this study on the effects of EMS training on the heart and circulation, all study participants stayed with the training until the end. One reason for this was also the significantly increased performance of which the participants themselves reported.

→ EMS training is a suitable form of therapy for people with cardiac insufficiency, which also improves general performance. EMS-Training also helps healthy patients to do something for their body and heart health.

Here is another great study on the effects of EMS training on our body: 

Studies on EMS: Top Results even 15 Years ago! 

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