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Rael Mackay - MST personal training

Rael Mackay - MST personal training
Rael Mackay - MST personal training
Stanley Gardens Road 50
TW11 8SZ Teddington, United Kingdom
Tel.: 447741684966

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Coaching for Athletes Home & Office Visits

Muscle Stimulation Training (MST) is a Personal training system specialising in bespoke 20 minute training. We utilise industry leading Miha Bodytec technology to intensify signal to the brain to recruit more muscle fibres (85 contractions per second) per muscle group while performing static or dynamic movements.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electrical impulses via electrodes to stimulate muscle contractions. In the case of conventional training, the contraction of muscle fibres are controlled by the brain through the Central Nervous System which sends impulses to muscles to contract and move. During EMS training electrodes send electrical impulses to stimulate the muscle and amplifies signals sent to the brain. This contracts a higher percentage of muscle fibres, up to 80-90% muscle fibre recruitment thus producing a safe yet effective high intense interval training session.

Mobile and home based EMS personal training, providing safe and effective EMS personal training hi the comfort of your home home 

This is what clients say about Rael Mackay - MST personal training

Cindy - 28/04/2020
Very patient trainer, will lots of experience in muscle movement and rehab. Everything is explained and broken down to laments terms as well as to how the body is meant to move. Learnt more about the body than I did in science class at school.

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