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ION BODY Leeds EMS Training
ION BODY Leeds EMS Training
LEEDS Aberford Road 42
LS25 2EA Leeds, United Kingdom
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John kaye - 02/08/2022
Great staff good work out feel like you have achieved some thing
Matthew Woolhouse - 28/07/2022
I was interested to see if EMS worked as well as the reviews had said and having doing other personal training I wanted to see if you could get the results in a third of the time. After 11 sessions the answer is a resounding yes and more. Martin is a great trainer pushing me and designing the exercise that worked best for me. I am very impressed
Claire Strachan - 24/07/2022
I have really enjoyed doing the sessions with ION Body. Charlotte is a brilliant instructor and the 20mins flys by. It’s a great exercise programme that works well with busy lifestyles. I’m definitely continuing! Claire
Annette - 22/07/2022
Martin and the ION Body team made me feel so welcome and instantly put me at ease. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first session but Martin explained everything really clearly and I really enjoyed it. The EMS was like no other fitness session I’ve ever done but I’d highly recommend it. I’d also like to thank Martin for his generosity in supporting Kippax Harriers Running Club’s charity fundraising.
Jane Johnson - 22/07/2022
Professional, friendly and supportive experience which has helped to reduce my back pain while helping me to strive to achieve personal goals
Kelly - 21/07/2022
Excellent work out absolutely love it. Trainers are amazing and very professional. Been doing this 18 consecutive weeks and definitely noticed the definition off my body change. My fitness levels have also increased.
Sarah Howard - 21/07/2022
Joanne Howland - 20/07/2022
I have used ION BODY EMS and found it to be brilliant. Its a full body workout In only 20 minutes. I was sceptical at first but by the end of the sessions you really do work up a sweat. I trained in Garforth near Leeds with Martin and Sam who were fantastic at explaining things and making sure I was comfortable at all times. Definitely would recommend this especially if you're short of time but still want a full body workout.
Hannah Pickup - 20/07/2022
Could not recommend ION Body enough! The sessions are quick and so easy to fit into your day. After my first 6 sessions I felt stronger and my back pain had gone. The staff are always motivating, encouraging and great to be around. You can clearly see their passion for EMS as they want you to get the most out of your sessions.
Tracy Sykes - 12/07/2022
Absolutely Brilliant love EMS and the ION team The whole process is amazing from start to finish Very professional friendly trainers, all aspects of the training are explained in detail and after the trial I was hooked. I decided in January that a lifestyle change was needed EMS has been a huge part of my journey. I am near the end of my second 12 course of weekly sessions and wow what a difference. I have adapted a move more, eat less attitude and combined with exercise EMS has enabled me to lose inches from stubborn areas that I haven't been able to lose with diet and exercise alone! It has improved my muscle strength and endurance enabling me to exercise more without fatigue More importantly for me I have lost 12kg and my BMI has reduced by 4 All in 20 mins and trust me you will feel like you have done a full workout Thank you for my improved confidence and fitness :)
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Opening hours
Training sessions by appointment only

Price per training session: £25.50

LIMITED EMS TRIAL £25.00: 1 months for £0.00/month

SINGLE EMS Session £50.00 FLEXIBLE: 1 months for £0.00/month

INTRODUCTION 3 EMS Sessions £35.00 LIMITED AVAILABILITY: 1 months for £0.00/month

GET STARTED 6 EMS Sessions £33.50 MOST POPULAR: 1 months for £0.00/month

LIFESTYLE 12 EMS Sessions £29.50 BEST VALUE: 1 months for £0.00/month

LIFESTYLE plus+ 26 EMS Sessions £25.50 WEEKLY COMMITMENT: 1 months for £0.00/month

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