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EMX Squared
EMX Squared
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EMX Squared Fitness is the most powerful combination of innovations in the fitness, aesthetic and mental enhancement industry. The combination of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), Body/Mind Conditioning and Aesthetics pushes you to achieve the body and mind you have always dreamed of in 35 minutes.

In just 35 minutes, you will burn 2000 calories, experience a full lymphatic drainage and detox, enhance your thinking to have you feeling mentally fresh and invigorated! No other program on the market can guarantee these results and create absolute body and mind realignment.

This is what clients say about EMX Squared

A. P. - 21/11/2017
Last year I had the pleasure to work with Massi and Dani at EmxSquared. I had 12 sessions that resulted in a fantastic body toning, reduction of tension in my lower back and most importantly an incredible clarity and mind focus- all the vibrations are working wonders! Quick and sustainable results for affordable price. A fantastic service

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