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EMS Fitness Coolock

EMS Fitness Coolock
EMS Fitness Coolock
Coolock Village 2
D5 Dublin, Ireland

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EMS stands for “Electro Muscular Stimulation”. From a technical point of view, it is a full body training exercise using impulse current. In everyday life our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscle action. EMS uses this natural principle and is able to intensify this process to reach deeper muscle layers, which are hard to activate through conventional training. This is achieved by applying EMS electrodes to the skin directly above the muscle. All in all you can call EMS simply a selective intensification of electrical stimuli from the outside. You gain the best results if you work out actively while using our EMS device. Muscles are additionally stimulated through the electrodes while doing a series of low-impact exercises. This combined training leads to an additional increase of tension producing highly effective training results. Your personal trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. With EMS you achieve visible and tangible success in a very short time.

At our stores we use a variety of differing whole body workouts to maximize the effects of the training system on each specific body type. We have a wide variety of client including some within the special population bracket and each of them have seen marked improvement in mobility, flexibility and also in how they feel in general.

If you would like to pop into any of our stores for a chat feel free to.

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